Structured Cabling
A business structured cabling system is the foundation of the Local Area Network(LAN). This is your employee’s connection to resources on your network such as files, printers, and software as well as their connection to the internet. A properly installed system ensures reliability and maximum performance on your network. Hughes Telephone specializes in the design and installation of structured cabling systems whether it’s a Category 5e network or the new Category 6A standard. For larger facilities, or distances over the copper limitations, Hughes offers optical fiber and wireless solutions to overcome these limits. Hughes Telephone can also install your Public Address (PA) system. Hughes installs and maintains both 70-volt paging systems as well as Multicast IP Paging systems. A Hughes system is installed in accordance with all industry standards and local codes. All locations are certified to meet or exceed performance standards.

Remodeling your conference or meeting room?

Hughes Telephone can turn your meeting room into a smart room. Audio, video, and web connected solutions are available. From a 4 person meeting room to a 100 participant conference, Hughes Telephone has your solution. Call us today to get the details. 
ICC products are consistently rated higher in performance and overall value by industry installers. Their stringent quality control procedures assure that ICC products have been inspected and/or tested to comply with strict FCC, TIA/EIA, and UL standards. The comprehensive ICC warranty programs confirm that they stand proudly behind their products that meet or exceed industry standards such as UL, CSA and TIA/EIA. ICC is a proud member of BICSI and TIA/EIA. ICC has become a highly respected manufacturer of innovative products, by providing peak performance and intelligent solutions to the telecom industry. Throughout the industry ICC is acclaimed as a preeminent source for developing imaginative, precision products engineered to enhance productivity, provide superior quality, and increase efficiency. 
Patch Panel
Cat6 Cable
Windy City Wire

Hughes takes pride in providing structured cabling that is Made in the USA! We purchase our wire from Windy City Wire. They run manufacturing operations out of their Bolingbrook Illinois headquarters, allowing them 100% quality control over their products. This also gives them the ability to quickly and easily create custom cables for customers based on their specific projects. 
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