Are you ready for Voice Over IP?

Introducing Toshiba VIPedge ® Cloud-based Unified Communications

Hosted, full featured, business telephone system including phone service for as low as $50 a month using your existing broadband internet connection.

Users are also eligible for FREE IP TELEPHONES for each line of service!

Unified Communications for Every User

Complete business telephone features, such as Caller ID, hold, transfer, park/pick-up, speed dial, conference, intercom, paging, and hundreds of other IPedge phone features.

Unified Communications that enables a smartphone, tablet, desktop or laptop computer to operate like an extension of the phone system, with single number reach, click-to-dial, federated presence, group instant messaging and consolidated call and IM history stored in the cloud. HTML5 technology enables code portability across devices so that features and functionality are identical on every device type.

Voice mail with Unified Messaging, with standard voice mail and auto attendant features, voice mail access from an email inbox, message notifications, soft key navigation of mailbox menus and theFollow Me feature for flexible call control.

Mobilize Your Workforce
VIPedge® supports the same high-quality Toshiba endpoint devices as the IPedge® system, including the IP5000-series desk telephones (IP5131-SDL, IP5531-SDL and IP5631-SDL) and the SIP-based IP4100 DECT wireless handsets for roaming around the building or campus. In addition, UC client softphone support allows mobile devices, Windows® PC and Mac®computers to function like any other extension on the system.

Smartphone and Tablet Integration
Workers on-the-go will be able to use select Apple® and Android™ smartphones and tablets as office extensions, displaying their office extension in the Caller ID for ‘single number reach’ whether you are in or out of the office. In addition to accessing Toshiba calling features, the mobile device client also synchronizes with the contact list from the Toshiba phone system and enables access to more advanced real-time communications like viewing presence status information and exchanging Instant Messages, even with colleagues external to the system.

Desk Phone Pairing
Call control pairing between the UC client and Toshiba’s IP5000 desk phones lets you control the desk phone using your smartphone or tablet. For example, you can dial from your mobile device, but pick up the call on your desk 

Security and Survivability 
As a cloud service, VIPedge is protected by data center survivability, security and controls that far surpass what a typical business can provide on-site. The VIPedge solution is housed in a major data center with redundant, dedicated connections to Tier 1 Internet backbones. The 24/7/365 network control and operations center is built as a “building within a building” to minimize the risk of natural disasters. If the data circuit in the local office should fail, calls will still reach users’ mobile phones or other devices via the Follow Me feature. 

Test your internet connection for VoIP here.

If your internet passes the test, Hughes can handle the rest!

We can also assist you in locating an ISP in your area that can provide you with a broadband connection.

Call Hughes now to get the details and schedule a demo!

Why Hughes?

Designing and implementing is only part of the journey. Selecting a vendor for your business needs requires the exploration of potential. At Hughes, we manage a variety of client data needs. Whether your need is time and material or you prefer a contract, we can tailor a solution which enables your business to operate more efficiently. Prices vary by the amount of support needed. A complete management package is available. All of our engineers and sales reps have been in the "real-world" of communication management and empathize with the mixed vendor "finger pointing" which ultimately costs more than just downtime. At Hughes, we pride ourselves on our accountability, integrity and professionalism.

The more secure a network is from outside and inside threats, the lower the total cost of ownership. By preventing threats from entering or propagating your corporate network, Hughes' solution helps to increase the efficiency of the client. It is cumbersome and time-consuming to update anti-virus and anti-spyware programs. By investing in Hughes, you're afforded the luxury of a complete, integrated solution. Hughes is able to cable, install and program the phone system; design and implement the network and data systems; provide the security system to protect the investments; and most importantly, provide you and your team with a single point of contact.

Hughes Telephone Inc. is based in Moline Illinois and services the Quad Cities (Bettendorf, Davenport, Moline and Rock Island) and all communities within a 100 mile radius.

Committed to Quality

We are committed to providing integrated, reliable and scalable services and solutions by empowering our personnel to be accountable, professional and knowledgeable. 
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